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Welcome to KnowledgeWorks, where digital publishing and scholastic endeavor meet.  We are here to bring the World Wide Web a resource for high-quality digital content covering several different informational areas.  We hope you can join us in this process.

KnowledgeWorks was founded under the principles of curating the best information from around the web.  We are academics, intellectuals and professional practioners who are experts in our various fields.  Pooling our various expertise we are able to publish high content and become one of the premier publications on the web.

LogoWe cannot stress enough how much we pride ourselves in the quality of our work.  We all come from either professional or academic fields and know the importance of quality materials for putting together lesson plans, staying up to date on current events and advancements in a field, referencing material in academic papers, and providing resources for our students or peers.  We that in mind we’ve set out to put together a excellent collection of materials in three different, yet equally important subjects:  Health and Science, Engineering and Mechanics, and Education and Lesson Plans.

These three subjects cover areas where we feel there is a lack in the proper amount of academic and information resources on the web, and we are setting out to change that!

We hope you will find our resources and publications useful, information, and worthy of your time.  :)



Education is the main reason Knowledge Works started doing what me do. We are mostly former teachers or academics who found a severe drought in the availability of quality research, resources and lesson plans for our students. Knowing what needed to be done, we are setting out to pull together all the best material for teachers of all kinds. This includes science, engineering, music, and social studies. While we are pulling together all this great information, you can browse some of the external resources we’ve pooled below. This should hopefully suffice until we can complete our mission of grouping all the best resources right here on KnowledgeWorks :)

General Lesson Plans

Lessons Plan Page – a general collection of all types of lesson plans for teachers.

These are great for general purpose education, substitute teachers, or teachers looking to plan out a curriculum for a coming semester.  These take well to customization and improvements, either by better conforming to standardization, or better focusing to the teachers preferences.  A great resource for ongoing educational excellence.

Science Lesson Plans

Discovery Channel Lesson Plans – collection of science related teaching materials.

Discovery channel has some excellent lessons plans pre-made for science and technology teachers.  The collection is relatively extensive, focusing on core teachings and also includes lots of ancillary stuff.  Good for taking the class on some extra curricular journeys into science and technology that wouldn’t regularly be covered my normal lesson plans.

Music Education Lessons Music Lessons – Government site pulling together some great music education resources.

Making Music Fun – Collection of different plans for kids (beginners).

We hope this will provide a good start for what we are trying to do here. While this is only a little taste of the full set of resources we are pooling, it is certainly somewhat representative. Thanks for checking us out and be sure to come back soon.

Engineering and Mechanics

Engineering, Mechanics and the Physical Sciences have been waning in popularity in recent years. Efforts by various governments and organizations to popularize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and get more students involved in the respective study of those topics have become necessary due to a decreasing work force. We have jobs that need workers, but no qualified employees to hire. While hopefully these efforts will take shape, Knowledge Works will play the roll of collecting and organizing quality information have engineering and the physical sciences, hopefully supporting the education and academic process.

There is nothing more important than a full and fulfilling education and academic career.  It is a shame that interest in STEM is decreasing over the last decade.  With all the improvements and advancements in technology, one would hope that Interest would increase!  However perhaps it speaks to the complacency of this generation and a failing of its elders to encourage aspiration and educational achievements.

Whatever the root cause, we know that the first step in fixing the issue is to put together the best information out there, and help distribute it to the masses.  Knowledge Works is going to do just that!

Health and Science

Health and Science have been extremely popular topics in recent years.  With the advent of organic foods, diet plans, the rise in popularity of the paleo diet and other “food philosophies”, health and science (or the lack thereof) have become deeply intertwined.  For that reason we are putting our heads together to come up with the premier center for the curation and publishing of heath and science materials.  We will cover all the recent advancements, plus established curricula and fundamental principles.

If you are in immediate need for more information you can check out some of the following sites.  Our staff has evaluated them and deemed them worthy of placement.  This means they are established, factual, unbiased and high quality.  There is more to come in this regard, but for now you can peruse the following:

Health and Science academics, education and reporting are important fields which need more attention, accuracy, dedication and experienced professionals working on them.  This is one of the key reasons we have dedicated part of our site to it.  As such we are most certainly going to expand this section to include much much more, but for now we hope this will be satisfactory.  Thanks so much for your interest and please check back soon!