Cadmus Professional Communications and our suite of KnowledgeWorks products/services have been built around a single mission—to support scientific, technical and medical publishers by delivering critical information throughout the globe as quickly, broadly and accurately as possible. Sound familiar? That's because our primary mission is to support your own mission.

Focused on the unique needs of the ever-advancing medical, technical and scientific communities, Cadmus KnowledgeWorks employs the latest technology to streamline publishing processes, increase revenue potential and facilitate worldwide distribution. Our tools were developed with the involvement of experts in your industry who can also consult with you on the best way to put these breakthrough processes to work for your publications.

We offer you access to the vast resources of Cadmus, the fifth-largest publications printer, along with the flexibility and individualized consulting you'd expect from a smaller organization. Our products and services are provided in a modular fashion, to allow you to select only those that will make your operation more effective. What's more, our personal, flexible approach allows you to be as involved in the processes as you see fit.

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